Prof. Giuseppe Gerna (Scientific Director):

Scientific Director of the Carlo Denegri Foundation Onlus, is the author of 391scientific publications on topics of Medical Virology and Virology (see corporate bodies under the Scientific Director).

Dr.ssa Maria Grazia Revello

Author of 115 scientific publications, mostly on infection with CMV in pregnant women and its transmission to the fetus. Today is an international authority in the field. His contribution to research funded by Carlo Denegri Foundation Onlus will apply andwill be particularly valuable as guide to the planned research on identifying factors that are potentially immune deficiency at the base of the transmission of infection to the fetus.

Dr.ssa Elisa Gabanti

She graduated in 2000, has a dozen scientific papers documenting the acquisition of a good lab experience, even in the techniques of flow cytometry. This experience will be of great use in research funded by Carlo Denegri Foundation Onlus.

Sig.ra Daniela Sartori

Its activity is based on decades of experience in the field, will focus on the continuous updating of the literature on CMV infections, illustration of the data acquired from time to time in the form of tabulation and graphical formatting, editing of scientific manuscripts in English, management of computer files in which it will gather research data.

Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Cusi

Professor of Microbiology and Virology at the University of Siena, Maria Grazia Cusihas acquired extensive experience in the field of classical and molecular virological diagnosis. One of his fields of research, which is known internationally, is the study ofToscana virus. His contribution to research funded by the Carlo Denegri FoundationOnlus will be particularly useful for improving the technical and organizational management of the laboratory in the preparation and response to biologicalemergencies, such as virus infections emerging in the area.